Fête Chinoise is an annual showcase and cocktail gala, presented in a gallery-style. The event elevates and inspires guests for their modern celebrations through curated art installations, inspired food and beverage pairings, and live performing arts. Industry leaders in event design, decor, fashion, floral design, music, food, and stationery are carefully selected to deliver modern interpretations of cultural traditions and ceremonies in a way that stimulates all senses. Attendees are encouraged to slow their pace, and intimately experience how the best of the industry modernize and elevate thousand year old traditions.

On January 26, 2019, the 4th Annual Fête Chinoise Signature Event was held - and it was the most spectacular Chinese New Year party Toronto has ever seen.

Stay tuned for the

5th Fête Chinoise Signature Event

Highlight video of the 3rd Annual Fête Chinoise Signature Event: Luck & Ritual below: