Fête Chinoise 2016: The Great Wall of Flowers

A painting of peonies is commonly found in many Chinese homes around the world. Different renditions of the “king of flowers” sits prominently in dining rooms and family areas, commanding the blessings of fortune with the calligraphic phrase scribed in black ink on rice paper that literally translates as, “as the flowers bloom, may your fortune will grow.” It is an auspicious saying that also poetically symbolizes the successful fruition of flowers and blooming fully, which everyone hopes for in their lifetime. 

In the main ballroom, Todd Kjargaard of Jackie O Floral Affairs & Event Design transformed the painting into a larger-than-life red carpet wall, all created with flowers. It is a painting of flowers made of flowers, showing off an abundant of Todd’s favourite species of event florals, turning the traditional Chinese Peony Painting into an unforgettable experience and event focal point. 

Floral Design: Jackie O Floral Affairs; Printed Backdrop: Event Graffiti