Fête Chinoise 2015: Dai Pai Dong of Old Hong Kong

A nostalgic culinary tradition in Hong Kong, a dai pai dong literally translates to “restaurant with a big license.” Its name refers to its size of license which is bigger than other licensed street vendors. Its characteristics include: a steel kitchen infrastructure; makeshift atmosphere; high temperatures from the weather and heat from the kitchen and large crowds; as well as a variety of low priced dishes made with the wok. Regarded as part of the collective memory of Hong Kong people, official dai pai dongs are scarce today, with only 28 licensed restaurants left in the city. A cultural icon, dai pai dongs filled the city 25 years ago, offering a dynamic and vibrant contribution to the street culture of Hong Kong. “But while the golden era for these outdoor eateries may be long gone, the remaining vendors continue to be devoted to their humble restaurants, determined to preserve this unique side of Hong Kong’s dining scene,” writes Hong Kong Magazine. Captured in the background of many Hong Kong films, dai pai dongs are often featured in cinema, reflecting their significance and presence in the everyday lives of locals and tourists alike. In this space, Nous Design Group, Ikonica, and The Wedding Cake Shoppe helped guests relive the memories of old Hong Kong streets with a modern and elevated twist. Perhaps this will inspire you for your next cocktail party or personal celebration!


Room Design: Nous Design Group; Images: Ikonica; Pastries: The Wedding Cake Shoppe; Furniture Rentals: Event Rental Group, Contemporary Furniture Rentals; Print: Event Graffiti; Stationery: Ferris Wheel Press