Fête Chinoise 2015: Market Place

Marketplaces are vibrant in urban cores of most major Asian cities, such as Taipei. Small kiosks line the streets, where vendors sell snacks and treats to both locals and tourists. Because the portions are small, one can pick their favourites from each stand and eat as they travel down the street, not needing to sit down. Most foods are finger foods or can be eaten with a wooden skewer or toothpick. Vendors also sell small trinkets and easy pleasures, much like the bangles and sweets one might find in a market in India. In Asia, the market crowds often peak in the evening, when everyone is off work and needing to go for a walk after dinner. Markets are an important part of the social fabric of these cities, and attract local and overseas tourists year round. In Markham, Scarborough, and Vancouver, the Chinese communities in each city have organized annual night markets near the waterfront and civic centres, which allow budding entrepreneurs to sell their products and attendees also to experience the feeling of a night market from Asia. Frank Rea Event Design and A to Z Event Management created an energetic scene of a marketplace. While capturing the incredible energy and buzz of a traditional night time market, they elevated it as part of a luxurious and fun event experience for both private and corporate event hosts. The Shangri-La Hotel, Toronto served traditional Hong Kong milk tea true to the recipes of the local flavour, as Parliament Music Group serenaded the entire room. Wushu Project and Sunny Tang Martial Arts gave guests marvellous, traditional performances throughout the day and night. 


Room Design: Frank Rea Event Design, A to Z Events Management, Firedog Creative; Performers: Wushu Project, Sunny Tang Martial Arts; Music By: Parliament Music Group; Chefs: Shangri-La Hotel, Toronto