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The Flavour of Canadian Fashion

Written by: Lisa Tant
Dresses by: Lucian Matis and Christopher Paunil
Jewellery: Maison Birks
Model: Ming Bo Lam
Makeup: Dawna Boot
Hair: Ladylyn Gool
Photographer: T.H. Jackson Huang of Ikonica

Take the best of other cultures. Stir in a breath of fresh nature. Add a dash of urban spice, and shake in some prairie goodness. Finish it off with a chic sensibility. The result? A luxurious melting pot that I call Canadian fashion.

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Dragon and Phoenix

By Anny Fong

Are light and darkness opposites? Is darkness simply an absence of light? Can the concept of darkness exist without the concept of light? From the perspective of Chinese philosophy, this is an embodiment of the concept of yin and yang: seemingly opposing forces are actually complementary, interdependent, and interconnected.

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Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards 2016

CAFA was created to celebrate outstanding achievement and emerging talent in the Canadian fashion industry. Mandated to grow a stronger appreciation of Canadian talent both at home and abroad, the goal of CAFA as a national platform is to foster the next generation of Canadian talent through an annual awards show and year-round economic development initiatives.

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