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Fête Chinoise 2016: Hundredth Day Celebration

Comparable to the baptism and christening in religions, the hundredth (100th) day celebration of a baby is significant in the Chinese culture. It is the first time a baby is introduced to his or her family, relatives and close friends, usually hosted at a restaurant with traditional dishes. Cynthia Martyn Events and De Rose Designs transformed the space into a delightful modern interpretation of joyful pink and coral blossoms with classic blue and white porcelain, while Truffle Cake & Pastry added her own stunning touches through her hand painted blue porcelain cakes.

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Fête Chinoise 2016: The Modern Birthday

At every Chinese birthday banquet, one important dessert is a mandatory custom: the longevity buns, adorably shaped as peaches. These scrumptious bite-sized baked goods are often filled with lotus paste and sometimes red bean paste for added flavour. Paired with the inspiration of the peach and symbolism of longevity, and a touch of gold,Kim Miyama Events and Marta Urbanowicz of Artam Design Inc. created a contemporary aesthetic to transform old traditions into a fantastic display of design and culture. 

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