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Fête Chinoise 2016: The Exchange of Vows and the Tea Ceremony

Instead of taking a segregated approach to meaning, how can we tie culture and heritage into modern design that takes the ceremony space to a whole new level in modern Chinese culture?  Melissa Samborski of One Fine Day Events and Amy Saleh of Pink Twig teamed up and created a breathtaking ceremony space inspired by the delicate blossoms in Chinese poetry: peach blossoms, cherry blossoms and plum blossoms, which bring together the seasons of winter and spring.

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The Tea Ceremony

By Nellie Kwok

The art of tea appreciation has historically been a symbol of sophistication and prestige within the Chinese society. Subsequently, the practice of serving tea progressively became an integral part of Chinese culture. Serving tea became a sign of respect. Even the most modest households in China would have the basic necessities for making a hot cup of tea.

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Fête Chinoise 2015: Tea Ceremony

Tea culture is generally defined by the way tea is made and consumed, how people interact with tea, the style and aesthetics surrounding drinking tea, and by learning about its cultural roots. The Tea Room provided a poignant experience of a traditional Chinese Tea ceremony found in weddings, presented by Spectacular Spectacular and Fiori Floral, and their team. They created an innovative floral presentation combining bright corals and pinks with vibrant blue hues.

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