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Dragon and Phoenix

By Anny Fong

Are light and darkness opposites? Is darkness simply an absence of light? Can the concept of darkness exist without the concept of light? From the perspective of Chinese philosophy, this is an embodiment of the concept of yin and yang: seemingly opposing forces are actually complementary, interdependent, and interconnected.

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More Than Red Pockets: The Celebration of Chinese New Year for Multicultural Canada

By Jennifer J. Lau

I reflected on what Chinese New Year means and could mean for Canadians today and tomorrow. I wondered what this celebration marks for fellow Chinese-Canadians beyond red pockets and large family gatherings, and for Canadians at large who see the festivities unfolding around them between New Year and Valentine’s Day.

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The Core of Our Culture: An Attitude of Respect

By Sabrina Hao

Respect is something I was taught at a young age back home in China. My family was not wealthy, but my father always encouraged me to pick up my bowl when eating as a form of respect to my ancestors. He also warned me never to point my chopsticks at anyone because it symbolized considering myself before others. Little did I know, these unassuming moments at home would go on to inspire me to educate others about etiquette and manners.

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The Tea Ceremony

By Nellie Kwok

The art of tea appreciation has historically been a symbol of sophistication and prestige within the Chinese society. Subsequently, the practice of serving tea progressively became an integral part of Chinese culture. Serving tea became a sign of respect. Even the most modest households in China would have the basic necessities for making a hot cup of tea.

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Fête Chinoise 2015: Dai Pai Dong of Old Hong Kong

Captured in the background of many Hong Kong films, dai pai dongs are often featured in cinema, reflecting their significance and presence in the everyday lives of locals and tourists alike. In this space, Nous Design Group, Ikonica, and The Wedding Cake Shoppe helped guests relive the memories of old Hong Kong streets with a modern and elevated twist.

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