A Gallery-Styled Art & Cultural Experience

Contributors and artists will demonstrate how they can design for and cater to the modern Chinese community interested in both meaning and luxury. 

We will present poignant aesthetic interpretations that tie together the meaning and symbolism of the culture’s traditions and heritage — a marriage of substance and style.


Call for Submissions | Photography

Photography plays an irreplaceable role in our understanding of history and cultural traditions. We learn and remember through images. Here is a chance to document and change history with photographs. 

We invite you to submit images to be considered for a larger-than-life photo exhibit at Fête Chinoise taking place at the Shangri-La Hotel, Toronto on November 19th, 2016.

20 submissions will be chosen based on excellence and artistry, and you will be noted as a contributor and celebrated as an influential photographer.

Please email fetechinoise@palettera.ca for submission guidelines.