3rd Annual Fête Chinoise Showcase: Mid-Autumn Festival


There are two legends related to the Mid-Autumn Festival. One is them involves the rabbit, believed to be living on the moon making either medicine or rice cakes. The second legend and perhaps the more famous one related to Mid-Autumn Festival is about the moon goddess Chang’e. It is said that she drank of the elixir of life and was lifted to the moon! Her husband who was left behind would make offerings to her, which is where it is believed that mooncakes originated.

Check out these photos taken at the 3rd Annual Fête Chinoise Showcase Gala for more inspiration.

 Venue: Shangri-la Hotel Toronto

Photography: James Correia + Tim Chin
Florals: @derosedesigns 
Planner: @momentusevents 
Stationery: @palettera_official

Art Direction: @fetechinoise

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