A counter-culture art experience, Fête Chinoise engages both the audience and producer in exploring the “new Chinese.” This exhibition explores the way we approach tradition in weddings and social gatherings, which plays a significant role in our personal lives. Invited artists and designers will imagine, without bounds, what century-old traditions might look like today in a fashion-forward and sophisticated society. In a compelling series of 9 spaces, guests will enjoy curated food and beverage pairings, delicately seasoned with nostalgic music, as they walk through an enchanting gallery-styled experience.

The symbolic meaning of tradition is simultaneously personal and public, allowing us to feel connected and to make connections. Tradition has the power to weave together thousands of years. This exhibition allows an audience interested in the Chinese culture to experience and learn about Asian-inspired hospitality, beauty, fashion, and art. Fête Chinoise will inspire souls in search of meaning with a refreshing and relevant opportunity to engage their cultural roots. 

Fête Chinoise是次活動將透過文化更新的角度來展示現在活動設計中最優秀的人才。參與本項目的藝術家和設計師經過深入的了解,發揮其無界限的想像,在今天時尚那麼先進、成熟的社會裏,古老傳統會有什麼突破。


All proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to the MON SHEONG FOUNDATION, a Chinese-Canadian charity supporting community wellness and cultural heritage. 





The second annual Fête Chinoise will once again be hosted at the prestigious Shangri-La Hotel, Toronto on Saturday, November 19th, 2016. 
 Enjoy your choice from one of two curated experiences, each exhibition limited to 350 guests so you can intimately experience the sights and sounds in luxury and comfort. 


High Tea | 下午茶

an afternoon tradition

1 - 5 p.m. | 下午一時至五時

The afternoon experience is paired with dim sum made in-house by the Shangri-La Hotel, Toronto. Experience the exhibition in the lightness of daytime and sentiments of High Tea hour. 



Midnight Snack | 宵夜

the night life culture

6 - 10 p.m. | 下午六時至晚上十時

The evening experience captures the energy of an Asian night marketplace. You will enjoy a pairing of beverages and late-night snacks, while walking the exhibition until 10 p.m.





We encourage all guests to enjoy a day or night out at the Shangri-La Hotel, Toronto! Professional photography will be capturing the festivities. Please dress to mingle with others who love art, culture, fashion, and beauty. 










The Shangri-La Hotel, Toronto is conveniently located between Richmond Street and King Street, on University Avenue. Valet Parking will be available at the hotel entrance on Simcoe Street. Before or after the event, we encourage you to stay a while and experience our Lobby Lounge — Toronto's Urban Living Room. 


By joining us as a guest for Fête Chinoise, you are eligible for a preferred room rate on the evening of the event (Saturday, November 14th). We would love for you to stay and experience a night in one of our luxurious rooms. 

Please contact fetechinoise@palettera.ca for more information.




1. What type of event is Fête Chinoise? Is this a wedding show with booths? Is this a trade show?

Fête Chinoise is an events and wedding exhibition, presented in a gallery-style. The event celebrates Chinese-Canadian culture through curated art installations, inspired food and beverage pairings, and live performing arts. Industry leaders in event design, decor, floral design, music, food, and stationery were carefully selected to deliver modern interpretations of cultural traditions and ceremonies in a way that stimulates all senses. No selling/promotion will be allowed at the event. Attendees are encouraged to slow their pace, and intimately experience how the best of the industry modernize and elevate thousand year old traditions.


2. Why should I go to Fete Chinoise? 

We all have questions inside that have to do with identity. 

Many of us have witnessed traditions that we sometimes know little about, or never stop to question. And yet, culture and tradition is at the core of our identity, and we should be curious, we should engage deeply. For many Canadians, the idea of a cross-cultural upbringing is something familiar and full of opportunities for discovery. 

Have you ever attended a wedding and wondered what the tea ceremony was for? Why is red such a significant colour in the culture? What is a "double happiness" and how is it relevant to you? What does modern Chinese design look like in Toronto in 2015? What makes you Chinese-Canadian? This is an opportunity to learn about tradition and culture in a refreshing way.


3. Is there a dress code?

Fête Chinoise will have professional photographers and media to document as well as take personal/group pictures at our portrait studio. Attendees are encouraged to dress in cocktail attire or something they will look fabulous in! Enjoy a day or night out at the Shangri-La Hotel!


4. Is the event open to the public?

Yes, the event is open to the public and tickets can be purchased online on our website www.fetechinoise.ca or our Facebook page.

For media inquiries and a preview, please email fetechinoise@palettera.ca


5. What is the difference between Afternoon Tea and the Late Night Snack experience?

Fête Chinoise will have 2 experiences that have been inspired by two familiar traditions: afternoon tea and late night snacks. Afternoon High Tea attendees can expect delicate dim sum paired with beverages fitting of a lighter palette. Late Night Snack attendees will experience food inspired by the night market with a distinctly salty, spicy, and savoury palette. The musical experience will also be tailored the lightness of afternoon tea and the energy of the late night market place.


6. How much are tickets and what is included?

Prices for tickets will be announced soon, and all proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to charity. Both exhibitions will come with access to all installations and art spaces, musical performances, cinema showings, and professional photographs.

Food and Beverage will be generously served at each exhibition.

All proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to the MON SHEONG FOUNDATION, a Chinese-Canadian charity supporting community wellness and cultural heritage.


A letter to our beautiful guests, sponsors, event partners, designers & exhibitors, and media partners of Fête Chinoise 2015,

On behalf of the committee and our event team, we want to thank you all for your generous support of the inaugural Fête Chinoise 2015. Thank you for spending your precious time with us, and sharing in the counter-culture experience of modern Chinese-Canadian event design and art. Together, we celebrated the collective stories of our identity and asked questions of our culture that we never dared to before. And because we did, we discovered and created something exquisite.

Did you see the coverage in National Post, Ming Pao, Sing Tao Daily, Pure Luxury, World Journal, Best of Toronto, and the Post City Magazine Blog? Stay tuned for more! Don't forget to download your photographs by Krista Fox Photography and Mango Studios. In the coming weeks, you will also have the pleasure of seeing some of the documentary photographs by Tim Chin which captured the decadent food and beverage experiences at the Shangri-La Toronto. Congratulations to every guest for taking time to share in a special evening for culture and design, and to all the winners who took home one of the three luxurious door prizes.

Thank you for the wonderful memories, and we look forward to the next Fete Chinoise! Until then, enjoy the Fete Chinoise 2015 short film by Origami Heart Weddings: