Fête Chinoise 2016: Hundredth Day Celebration

Comparable to the baptism and christening in religions, the hundredth (100th) day celebration of a baby is significant in the Chinese culture. It is the first time a baby is introduced to his or her family, relatives and close friends, usually hosted at a restaurant with traditional dishes. This joyful announcement holds equivalent weight to a western baby shower, and stylish mothers have begun to take this opportunity to entertain some upscale dinner parties to celebrate the occasion. Some hostesses have also taken their creativity to host an “egg and ginger” party in lieu of or in addition to the 100th day celebration.

Traditional customs to mark the occasion include “red chicken eggs”  which are boiled eggs pigmented in red food colouring, representing the start of a new beginning and a new life. The colour red is a sign of good fortune, which is a must, especially for birthdays. Another important food that is prepared to mark a birth is a delicious sweet broth of ginger, vinegar, and pig’s feet, which is believed to help the new mother replenish her collagen and chi after giving birth. Because it is so delicious, the family of the new baby will share generous portions with other families as well.

In Rosedale Room, Cynthia Martyn Events and De Rose Designs transformed the space into a delightful modern interpretation of joyful pink and coral blossoms with classic blue and white porcelain. Little touches of bonsai and baby lanterns added a touch of light and nature to complement the pinkish-red eggs and gingerly references. Truffle Cake & Pastry added her own stunning touches through her hand painted blue porcelain cakes that were embellished with delicate flowers and splashes of gold accents. 

Room Design: Cynthia Martyn Events; Floral Design: De Rose Designs; Stationery: Ferris Wheel Press; Tabletop Rentals: Plate Occasions, Desserts: Truffle Cake & Pastry