Fête Chinoise 2015: Tea Ceremony

Tea plays an important cultural role in societies of many countries. Tea is known to have originated in China, possibly with a medicinal purpose, and was brought to the West in the sixteenth century through merchants and priests. In Chinese society of the past and today, the younger generation shows their respect to the older generation by offering a cup of tea. Today, one of the most practiced tea ceremonies happen at weddings, where the bride and groom serve tea to their elders, as a sign of joint respect for their new family members. It is a way of welcoming a new son or daughter into the family, and also be acknowledged for the first time as their elder.

The culture of tea has evolved to include a wide range of experiences and products. Tea culture is generally defined by the way tea is made and consumed, how people interact with tea, the style and aesthetics surrounding drinking tea, and by learning about its cultural roots. Tea enthusiasts obsess over aspects of health, ceremony, lifestyle, production, brewing, history and ethics, and recently formalized education (i.e. tea sommelier). Afternoon Tea, often interchangeably termed “High Tea,” in particular is an intricate formal gathering in the Western culture; a light snack accompanied by a cup of tea, typically in the late afternoon. This is a custom that originated amongst the wealthy classes in England in the 1840s, when drinking tea became a stylish and fashionable lifestyle.

The Tea Room provided a poignant experience of a traditional Chinese Tea ceremony found in weddings, presented by Spectacular Spectacular and Fiori Floral, and their team. They created an innovative floral presentation combining bright corals and pinks with vibrant blue hues.  Two larger than life vases made of flowers flanked the contemporary seating designed for elders to accept the bride and groom's offer of tea. Every detail was thought out to present a refreshing view of a classic tradition, breathing new life and inspiration for modern designers.  The use of chrysanthemums was a unique choice, and represented the honour and respect to elders.

Room Design: Spectacular Spectacular; Floral Design: Fiori Floral; Rentals: Reznick Event CarpetsContemporary Furniture Rentals, Emerson Design, McWood Studios, Micki's, Have A Seat, Chair-man Mills; Stationery: Palettera