Feature Artist: Kai-Yin Lo


Kai-Yin Lo from Hong Kong is one of Asia’s first international brands. Celebrated as a designer of jewellery, accessories and ceramics, she melds the cultural heritages of East and West and interprets them in original, contemporary and highly wearable and usable ways. As cultural historian and editor of five influential books, ranging from Chinese furniture and living patterns to Song ceramics to Hong Kong design culture, she presents art, design and culture as an inter-related process. As curator and organizer of events that include the landmark exhibition of artist Wu Guanzhong (1992), and the more recent cross-media installation by contemporary artist Xu Bing (2012), both at the British Museum, to the influential “Living Heritage-Vernacular Environment in China” exhibition at the China Institute, New York (2001), Hong Kong’s official design exhibition at Shanghai Expo (2010), and the first art/design/innovation exhibition at Asia Society Hong Kong Center (2012-2013), she brings depth and breadth of insight and vision.