Cartier Coloratura High Jewelry Collection


Chinese influence has been evoked through cultural symbols and shapes for centuries. Especially in adornments such as jewelry, the crimson red is particularly unique. The newest High Jewelry collection from Cartier, Coloratura which highlights a sensorial exploration of color. Not to be mistaken for an essentialization of Chinese culture, one of the unforgettable Cartier pieces brings the symbol of many Asia celebrations – the Asian lantern – onto the world stage. 

The 18k yellow gold necklace features chalcedonies, chrysoprases, morganites, and mandarin garnets. These beautiful details all point to a hand-carved rubellite, hollowed to hold perfume as the main point of attention. Viewers will find the Asian lantern as the inspiration for the shape of this meticulously-carved rubellite. It catches light through its charming and distinctive shape that calls to mind sophisticated craftsmanship from the imperial courts. The intricate design is akin to the adornments of emperors and empresses of dynasties past.

Significantly, Cartier showcases its mastery of glyptics: the art of carving or engraving noble hard substances.  A signature of the Cartier maison, they are the only jeweler in the world to have a glyptics workshop in house. Thus, the pendant used both traditional and modern technology to craft and produce.

The necklace was inspired by the illuminated lanterns used in many traditional Asian ceremonies.

Specs: 18k yellow gold necklace, carved rubellites totaling 212.16 carats, chalcedony totaling 27.70 carats, chrysoprase totaling 67.66 carats, orange garnets totaling 1.20 carats, morganites totaling 22.21 carats, onyx totaling 24.50 carats, pear-shaped diamond totaling 0.14 carats, brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 5.15 carats.

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