Alternate Universe: Guo Pei's 19/20 Autumn & Winter Collection

Photography Courtesy of Guo Pei Paris

Guo Pei named her AW1920 couture collection ''Alternate Universe.'' Interpreting another possibility of our existence, the world-renown haute couturière presents us with this unforgettable and dream-like collection. Every silhouette is unique and begs its viewer to consider nature’s relationship with art again and again. And the collection speaks to various cultures, resisting simple periodization and geographic categorization.

As per Guo Pei’s signature craft, embroidery was seen on many of the runway pieces. One may recall that one of Guo Pei’s pieces, once on display at the MET, took over 50,000 hours to complete. For this Autumn & Winter Collection, the embroidery has been meticulously planned to create stunning shapes of animals found in both mythology and in nature.

Enter her imaginary world with us.

guopei aw 1920.jpg
guopei aw 19203.jpg
guopei aw 19207.jpg